About The Local Quakertown

The local believes in bringing farm fresh food to the plate’s of the Indian Valley and Lehigh Valley area. We partner with as many as 12 local farms to source our produce, dairy, and proteins. We at the local believe in the bull’s-eye theory. We take the restaurant as a center point and draw a 20 mile circle around it. We buy everything we can from within this circle. When there are items that we can’t source within 20 miles we extend the range another 50 miles. If we cannot find the item within that range, we re-evaluate our need for this item. If we find that we still need this item (Romaine, spring mix, etc.) we source them organically and sustainably.

Our mission is to show people how good local food can be. Our target customers are those who care about what they eat and are motivated like we are to keep money in the local economy as well as anybody just looking for a good meal. I hope anybody reading this can feel our passion through our words. We believe in this idea and know that many out there do as well.

So please join us in celebrating great healthy local food. From farm to plate!!!


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