Caring For Your Marble

  • Avoid Using vinegar, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide, and other harsh and abbrasive cleaners on your marble. Do not use rough sponges, steel wool, and other abrasive objects on your marble.

  • Protect Your Marble: Some juices and liquids, like citrus, tomato, and vinegar will etch your marble, so don't let them sit on the stone. Use cutting boards, coasters, and other items to prevent direct contact. If something should spill on the marble, wipe it up immediately.

  • Clean Your Marble: You want to take care to avoid using abrasive and acidic cleaners when cleaning your marble countertop. You want to make sure you clear and loose dirt regularly by using a soft damn cloth.

Caring For Your Granite

  • Avoid Using generic cleaners like bleach, glass cleaners, de-greasers, bathroom, tub & tile, grout cleaners, and other common household cleaners on your granite. You should also avoid vinegar, ammonia, lemon and orange cleaners.

  • Protect Your Granite: Acidic juices and other items may stain or damage your granite countertop. It is best to clean up all spills immediately and use coasters, pads, cutting boards, and other such items to help keep these things from direct contact. This includes hot pans/pots.

  • Removing Spills On Your Granite: When it comes to spilling liquid on your granite, the most important rule is to blot up the spill. You don't want to wipe it as you are spreading it over the granite. When it comes to acidic substances and other damaging liquids, this could just spread the trouble area. So always blot up spills first, and then follow the normal cleaning regimine.

  • Cleaning Your Granite: The best way to keep your granite preserved is to wipe it down regularly using warm water and a few drops of antibacterial detergent (dish soap) using a soft cloth. Then rinse the granite and dry it with a different soft cloth.