We offer quartz surfaces and countertops that are made with more than 93% of natural quartz, the hardest non-precious stone, bound together by resins, it is the most durable surface material, combining the hardness and durability of quartz with the exceptional low maintenance qualities of man-made materials. 40 colors and patterns are available for your choice.  Quartz is the ideal choice for kitchen/laundry/bath countertops, vanity tops, backsplashes, wet bars, tub decks, tub/shower surrounds, wall cladding & furniture.

The right countertops can transform your entire area, but to do so precision is key. We use the latest technology to create seamless patterns and graining for the most immaculate countertops. 

Our quartz also comes with a 25 year warranty!


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What is Silestone?
Silestone is a combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that are extraordinarily hard and resilient. These characteristics combine to create an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, flooring and wall siding.

About Silestone Natural Quartz
Silestone Natural Quartz is a surface material with outstanding properties created for kitchen and bath design applications. It offers beauty similar to natural stone in a wide range of colors and extraordinary textures.

Stain Resistant
Silestone is a non-porous surface and highly resistant to staining caused by coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup and many other everyday products.


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